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Friends Churches and Meetings in Indiana and Illinois

Purpose Statement

Seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Western Yearly Meeting equips Friends Meetings in the Gospel of Jesus Christ by exercising mutual care and extending cooperative ministries.

Through various expressions of our Christian faith, we strive to inspire ministry and the release of gifts of leadership.


1/25 2016
2016 Spring Retreat April 8-10

Yearly Meeting
Spring Retreat /
Pastors Retreat

We invite you to come on board the WYM spiritual train as we hope to engage and inspire everyone in our yearly meeting to delve deep into the meaning of building together to become that dwelling and fill it with disciples who encourage and nurture each other along the journey.

This year's retreat will be led by Scott Wagoner, who is the Founder and Director of "Growing Edge Resources". His personal mission is to live a life that's genuine, generous, and generative. It is his hope that through the services of Growing Edge Resources that you will also discover a life that is genu-ine and authentic, shares generously with the world around you, and generates a life-giving presence.

Scott has been a pastor for over twenty-five years. His under-graduate degree is from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana and he holds a Masters of Divinity degree from the Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana.


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1/15 2016
Where Do You Fit In

Monthly Meeting
Annual Report Forms

Dear Friends,

It is once again time to send out Yearly Meeting Reports. "Building Together" means sharing with one another to build God's kingdom - God's dwelling on earth.

These reports are for the Monthly Meetings to recognize how they are realizing their expectations. These reports are also for Western Yearly Meeting to share inspiration and encouragement between Monthly Meetings.

The first three forms are due by March 31, as they say at the bottom of each form. The Memorial Service Information is due by July 1. However, we will include in the memorials the names of people who pass away between July 1 and Yearly Meeting, if we are notified.

Wanda Coffin Baker

Cover Letter
Monthly Meeting Statistical Form
Monthly Meeting Survey
State of Society Evaluation
Memorial List

12/28 2015

New Resource:
Elders Study Guide

The WYM Board on Christian Ministries & Evangelism has prepared a resource for local meeting Ministry & Counsel / Ministry & Oversight Committees.

The Elders Study Guide is intended to be used for regular instruction and discussion that will strengthen the understanding of the roles and responsibilities involved in the spiritual leadership of your meeting. Included here is year one of a three-year study to be used as an agenda item for most of the meetings of your Ministry & Counsel or your Ministry & Oversight Committees.

Download the Introduction and first session.

The full set for the first year is available on the Resources page.

8/11 2015

Audio From Yearly Meeting

Listen to Howard Macy's morning devotions and Alan Kolp's Quaker Lecture

Howard Macy

HowardMacy2015 Thursday Morning (37:52)
Friday Morning (34:56)
Saturday Morning (34:48)
Sunday Morning (25:30)

Alan Kolp

AlanKolp Quaker Lecture, introduced by David Adams (53:16)

7/30 2015

New Camp Video Added -
Little Friends Camp


Little Friends Camp

Adventure Camp

Junior High Camp

Senior High 1 Camp

Senior High 2 Camp

7/9 2015

PME Giving Chart

Pastoral Ministry Excellence

As of early June WYM has raised a total of $56,040.91 toward our $100,000 goal. The Pastoral Ministry Excellence Sustainability Task Force is working toward having the remaining amount in gifts and pledges by the end of 2015.

Read More About the PME Program

Bid on the quilt in the Quilt Auction at Yearly Meeting

11/3 2014

Pastoral Ministry Excellence Initiative

The Western Yearly Meeting Pastoral Ministry Excellence (WYM-PME) project was started with a grant from the Lilly Endowment as part of its Economic Challenges Facing Indiana Pastors (ECFIP) initiative. The initial grant and the sustainability grant, both from Lilly Endowment, were received by Western Yearly Meeting with the understanding that the yearly meeting would work toward achieving the following goals:

1. Inform congregational leaders about the economic conditions pastors face.
WYM-PME is accomplishing this goal through providing workshops as well as sharing information and resources. Look for an increased emphasis on this goal in 2015.

2. Provide financial educational programs for clergy.
Each year at the Pastors' Winter Gathering a financial education program has been an essential component of the retreat. Additional opportunities for financial education were provided in 2014 and will continue in 2015.

3. Create a pool of funds to address identified needs so pastors can prosper.
-The identified needs for pastors in WYM are for economic support in health care and retirement costs as well as ongoing financial education. The three programs of WYM- PME are addressing these needs through HEALTH SAVING GRANTS, RETIREMENT GRANTS, and EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT of the Pastors' Winter Gathering and Training and Recording classes.

-Through the leadership of the WYM- PME Sustainability Task Group, the yearly meeting has raised $39,507.69 (as of 9/30/2014) toward the goal of $100,000 to continue to address these needs. The yearly meeting has also designated funds from the Bone Leadership Fund to support this work.

4. Build financial and organizational resources to sustain the initiative.
The WYM-PME Sustainability Task Group, the Spiritual Life sub-committee of WYM Board on Christian Ministries and Evangelism and PME Project Director (Della Stanley-Green) are focusing attention in these two areas while also making sure that the current fundraising and program elements continue.

The Lilly Endowment provided initial funding. The Yearly Meeting is undertaking a fundraising program to make the program self-sustaining. Please help our pastors by supporting the PME program.

More Information:

2015 Grant Application Form for Pastors (available in December)

PME Program Summary

PME Fund Raising Program

PME Frequently Asked Questions

PME Giving Chart

10/11 2011

Watering Can

Nurture Questionnaire
WYM Board on Meeting Development
and Nurture

The Western Yearly Meeting Board on Meeting Development and Nurture is looking for ways to carry out the "nurture" part of its responsibilities. Faith and Practice calls for the Board "to be an extensive resource to existing meetings within the yearly meeting."

Anytime you are looking for guidance, want to know what other Meetings are doing to reach others, or just want to discuss some growth ideas, we invite you to complete the questionnaire and enter into a discussion with the Board.
NOTE: Board meetings are third Saturdays of January, May and September. If you are submitting a questionnaire please send at least two weeks prior to each scheduled meeting.

Link to Questionnaire

Also see information about MD&N Growth Grants on the Resource Page.


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